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To help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, we have adopted additional guidelines to protect the health of our patients.  These safeguards are to ensure that every patient feels comfortable and safe coming to maintain their dental health.  Below is a list of the additional measures we are taking to protect our patients.

  1. Medify air purification units throughout the office, including each individual treatment room.
  2. No additional visitors unless patient is a minor or special needs.
  3. Intraoral suction devices (Isolite) used during treatment to reduce aerosol production.
  4. Enhanced personal protective equipment for all team members.
  5. Enhanced infection control procedures throughout the office above current CDC and OSHA recommendations.
  6. Germ shields at front desk and check out counters.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appointment, please call the office at 325-795-8880 or email  We kindly ask if you have recently been sick, please wait 14 days from signs of illness to return to our office. We will gladly reschedule your appointment without penalty.