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Orthodontic emergencies cause pain and discomfort in the mouth and can keep you from performing everyday tasks. You don’t have to live in pain, get in touch with us as soon as possible to speak with our team and save your smile! Unsure if you’re having an orthodontic emergency? Keep reading.

Am I having an Orthodontic Emergency?

It’s rare that an orthodontic issue is an emergency, but when it does happen, it can be hard to determine if you need immediate care. Sometimes wires and brackets become loose and cause irritation, and occasionally pain, in the mouth. If this is the case, we recommend contacting your orthodontist as soon as possible during business hours. However, if you are suffering from an injury that’s causing continuous, sharp pain, it’s important to call your doctor immediately. Fallen teeth, though rare with braces, or a tooth that becomes loose, are also orthodontic emergencies and you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Did you know…

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If your tooth is knocked out, hold it by the crown, not the root. Holding the root causes damage to the nerves in the tooth!

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What do I do in an Orthodontic Emergency?

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